Wilton Park, US 9-11 February 2015

Developing a multilateral approach to freedom of religion or belief:

a European perspective

Transatlantic Policy 

This conference enabled European policymakers and other experts to contribute to strengthened multilateral cooperation on freedom of religion or belief (FoRB) in dialogue with transatlantic partners. In June 2013 the EEAS adopted its Guidelines for the Promotion and Protection of Freedom of Religion or Belief. This represents one of the most significant in an increasing number of initiatives for the protection of FoRB internationally.

The conference:

  • Drew policymakers, diplomats, FoRB experts and religious actors into dialogue about how to work more closely together to promote and protect FoRB in key countries and regions of the world.
  • Explored how to build up the religious literacy of diplomats/policymakers to better understand the religious worldviews that shape international policy including FoRB.
  • Drew on a wide range of initiatives and experiences to identify how governments can most effectively work with stakeholders to promote FoRB.
  • Analysed the specificities of the European and North American traditions including the opportunities and challenges of multilateral approaches to international religious freedom